Best Matter smart home devices in 2024

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By Vashni Patrick

The main goal of every smart home device manufacturer is to help their consumers to make life easier. But the only problem is that each of these devices requires unique applications, and this can be a little messy.  

This is where Matter rolls in. It is the newest smart home standard built by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Matter is an open-sourced protocol based on the internet. It helps smart devices to get support to work on different platforms under a single app.  

Currently, most of the new smart home devices come with Matter support. And if you are interested in looking into the Matter smart home devices market, here are the types that you can buy.   

Let’s get into each type of these gadgets and look at what they have to offer.  

Matter-enabled Smart Lights

Currently, there are many Matter-supported smart lights. You will be able to perform some basic actions like on/off, dim lighting, and colour change. Matter can connect all these smart lights into a single platform that you choose without the need for separate apps. You can also command them with voice and get quick responses. This doesn’t need the help of the cloud.   

But if you want to make any advanced changes like creating scenes or security settings, you will need to access the original application of the device as these are not part of Matter yet.  

Here are the new smart lights supported by Matter, 

  • Aqara Matter lighting 
  • Philips Hue Matter lights 
  • Govee LED strip light  
  • Nanoleaf Matter light strip 
  • Nanoleaf Matter light bulbs (A19, BR30, GU10) 
  • Nanoleaf Matter essentials downlight 
  • Nanoleaf Skylight Lights
  • Linkin A19 bulb 
  • OREiN Matter smart bulbs 
  • Yeelight fun cube smart lamp 
  • Zemismart WiFi Matter LED lights 
  • All Wiz lighting products from 2021 to 2023 

Matter-enabled Smart Home Hubs

Some smart home devices work well with Matter under a single platform when they are connected through hubs.  Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon support bridging devices with Matter smart home.  

But keep in mind that some features of these smart devices will not be functional with Matter control as they use a hub to connect.  

The best Matter Smart Home Hubs currently on the market are, 

Here, you can find 7 best Matter supported Smart Home Hubs for your smart home.

Matter-enabled Smart Home Switches

Most of the best matter-supported smart home switches that are recently released support Matter protocol. They also work well with major smart home platforms like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung SmartThings. Matter smart switches can work smoothly with Matter even without the internet.  

You can set automated actions like timers, scenes or away mode with this integration. There is also a possibility to control these devices with multiple smart home systems at the same time and among different members at home. 

The best Matter smart home switches in 2024 are, 

  • Kasa Matter smart light switch 
  • Kasa Matter smart dimmer switch 
  • Aqara switches (new releases) 
  • Tuo smart button 
  • Tapo smart WiFi switch 
  • Leviton Decora WiFi smart switches 
  • Eve light switch 

Matter-enabled Smart Plugs

Several new smart plugs released in 2023 work with Matter with the help of Thread or WiFi. Matter only supports the basic functions of these Matter smart plugs at the moment. Some of the smart plugs do support other functions like energy monitoring but from their app.  

Matter is planning to support the Matter smart plugs with these functions soon. But still if you are interested in any Matter smart plug, here’s a list: 

  • Meross Matter smart Wifi plug mini 
  • Meross Matter smart Wifi plug with energy monitor 
  • Leviton Decora WiFi smart plug 
  • Eve Energy Matter smart plug 
  • Onvis Matter smart plug 
  • Aqara smart plugs (bridged through Aqara hub) 
  • EcoFlow smart plug 
  • Cync indoor plug 
  • Tapo Mini Plug

Matter-enabled Smart Home Sensors

Out of all the device types, sensors have some of the most comprehensive functions. Matter home sensors come in different forms including motion sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors, humidity sensors etc. They can be used to monitor different aspects of a smart home like security, energy usage and comfort.  

As the present smart home devices including sensors are getting adapted to Matter, we can expect a wider range of Matter sensors in the future. Some of the currently available Matter smart home sensors are, 

  • Aqara door and window sensor P2 
  • SwitchBot contact sensor 
  • SwitchBot motion sensor 
  • Eve sensors 
  • TP-Link motion sensor 
  • Tuo sensors 

Matter-enabled Smart Door Locks

The smart door locks that are manufactured by different companies are now supported by Matter. Smart locks depend on WiFi and the developers are working on using the facility without WiFi. 

The Matter smart locks only guarantee the ability to lock and unlock. Other features like changing security codes and timers require the original apps of these smart locks.  

These are the currently available smart locks supported with Matter, 

  • Yale Assure smart locks 
  • Aqara smart lock 
  • Nuki 
  • Lockly vision elite 
  • Lockly secure pro 
  • Lockly Flex Touch pro 
  • Level lock 
  • SwitchBot door lock 

Matter-enabled Smart Thermostats

There are only a few Matter thermostats available in the market this year. The Matter Nest Thermostat is the only one that is available in the US market. Matter supports most of the functions that you’ll need to control these devices. So if you are looking for the best option available, Matter Nest learning Thermostat Matter would be the one. 

Other manufacturers still doing their research on integrating Matter into their thermostats. They are planning to do over-the-air updates if they decide on this.  

  • Google Nest thermostat 
  • Aqara radiator thermostat 
  • Eve thermo radiator valve and control 
  • Ecobee thermostat (promised an over-the-air update) 

Do you need to know what the 7 best recommended thermostats? Check on 7 Best Matter-Supported Thermostats

Matter-enabled Smart Home Appliances

Home appliances that are supported with Matter include fridges, vacuum cleaners, washers, TVs etc. Many of the appliance manufacturers have now become members of Matter. They have promised to bring Matter-supported devices in the future.  

Companies such as Whirlpool, LG, Toshiba, Hisense and TCL have promised that they will be bringing Matter-supported devices to the market soon. Some of the appliances are as follows, 

  • Whirlpool appliances 
  • Midea dishwasher and purifier 
  • LG smart TVs  
  • Hisense TVs 
  • Toshiba TVs 
  • TCL TVs 
  • Roborock 
  • Ecovacs 
  • SwitchBot S10

Also, there are many Matter supported Doorbells, Matter Smart Blinds, Matter supported Smart Controllers.

Why Matter, Matters?

Matter is designed to simplify the smart home concept by making controlling and organizing easier. It helps to connect Matter-compatible devices to work with each other across different platforms and ecosystems. So, there is no need to have many apps to control each device separately.  

Now, you can enhance your Matter Smart Home Experience with:

  • Google Matter Devices
  • Govee Matter Devices
  • Schlage Matter Devices
  • Yale Assure Matter Devices

You can use either iOS or Android devices to control these Matter smart home devices and even use the voice assistants when needed. Matter does not depend on the cloud. It uses Thread or WiFi as wireless protocols. It also has upgraded security standards which will make you feel safe and confident in using it.  

Matter is still along the way of its development and growth. Over time, it will start to build up a common language to control every smart home device.  

Matter is the biggest turning point that has happened to the smart home concept so far. It lets you control and interact with devices from different ecosystems. This allows any smart home enthusiast to freely shop for their favorite Matter smart home devices. But all the devices have not yet been supported by Matter. Some products do support it, and more are expected to be on the market in the upcoming years. For now, you can enjoy the devices that are available and get the ultimate Matter Smart Home experience out of them. 


  • Is Zigbee compatible with Matter? 

Direct compatibility between Zigbee devices and Matter is not yet available. 

  • Does Matter work over WiFi? 

Yes. Matter natively works with WiFi, Ethernet, and Thread. 

  • What is Matter IoT? 

It is an open-source connectivity standard for smart home and IoT devices. 

  • Does Matter support 2.4 GHz? 

Yes. Matter uses the IEEE 802.15.4 standard that allows communication over the 2.4 GHz frequency band including other frequencies. 

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