IKEA DIRIGERA Hub: Brings Matter support

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By Nethmini Bandara

Do you find yourself in trouble with connecting to the IKEA DIRIGERA Smart Home Hub? Then you are in the right place. This article will provide a detailed understanding of the IKEA DIRIGERA Smart Home Hub and you will get the best solution at the end. Let’s look at how you can smartly manage your home environment, while you are running a busy routine. 


IKEA DIRIGERA consents you to link your smart appliances alternating from light bulbs to speakers and air conditioners, simply, as the word “DIRIGERA” indicates control or supervise. DIRIGERA is intended to be an amended edition of IKEA's prior Tradifiri Hub, which confronted numerous complications. 

The Tradfiri gateway generally failed to identify and insert devices as well and when it ultimately functioned, maintaining the connection throughout a persistent amount of period was regularly inaccessible. However, employing its newly published application, Dirigera contracts a straightforward and faster method to set up and manage the equipment. Moreover, IKEA DIRIGERA functions alongside Alexa, Hey Google in the Google platform, Apple Home Kit, and the newfound IKEA Home Smart Application. 

The DIRIGERA Smart Home Hub's relation with the Matter conventions is one of its major marketing spots. The matter is a freely available standard software that is directed to ensure the matter smart home devices' comprehensibility and affinity. The DIRIGERA Hub's continuous Matter compatibility yields it an imminent-resistant asset, permitting clients to undoubtedly link and conduct a scale of Matter-companionable tools. 


Regardless of whether you are an Apple HomeKit user or practice Google Home, the DIRIGERA Matter Smart Home Hub helps with a large scope of partialities. Its integration with diverse smart home principles assures that users can effortlessly merge their IKEA DIRIGERA arrangement into their prevailing smart home ecosystem. 

The DIRIGERA Hub corresponds with Home Aide for techie clients who require an additional adapted method to smart home administration. This flexibility permits consumers to engrave their associated living area by modifying their smart home practice to their preferences. The DIRIGERA Hub is companionable with Home Assistant for consumers who are skilled in IT and require a further differentiated methodology to manage smart homes. 


  1. Locate the IKEA Home Smart app (iOS or Android). 
  2. Twitch the IKEA Home Smart app by selecting “Get started”. 
  3. Indicate your state, and press “Next” 
  4. Once you evaluate the statement of Privacy, click on the “Next” button. 
  5. Inspect the Authority for Analytics, choose your opinion, and press “Next”. 
  6. Go through the “Terms and Conditions”, then tap on “Accept”. 
  7. Choose “Get started”. 
  8. Link the required Ethernet cable from your DIRIGERA Hub to your Router and click on “Next”. 
  9. Attach your DIRIGERA Hub to a power supplier through the contained USB cable and power block and click “Next”. 
  10. Pick “Allow network access”. 
  11. Remain till the pointer light on the hub creates a full circle before selecting “Next”. 
  12. Select “My hub is complete”. 
  13. The app will instantly attain your hub install the latest software updates and tick “Next” after the completion. 
  14. Select “Next” once pressing the Action key at the underside of your DIRIGERA Hub. 
  15. Input a name representing your hub using the onscreen keyboard, then hit the “Next” button. 
  16. Tap the existing selections to insert rooms into your home or form exclusive rooms as necessary. 
  17. To finish the operation, tap on “Done”. 

Also, if you're interested in the Matter Supported devices, you may find SWITCHBOT HUB 2.



  • Easy-going to setup and usage 
  • Can do mass changes and insert mechanisms to assist with the relocation of IKEA’s previous Trådfri Gateway 
  • The Newfound Home smart application is now able to consolidate gadgets into appropriate rooms. 
  • Constant, so far 
  • Matter assistance will be incorporated within a short period throughout a software update. 


  • DIRIGERA is two times more expensive than the former Trdfri Gateway. 
  • Not included is a migration procedure for the relocation of remaining tools and circumstances. 
  • Some more bugs that need to be resolved  
  • Till the first quarter of the year 2023, outside entrance to IKEA equipment in the household necessitated a tertiary-party incorporation. 


In traversing the complexities of smart home integration, the IKEA DIRIGERA Smart Home Hub holds an ideal role of modernization, composed to reconsider individuals’ affiliation with living spaces. This thorough guide has concentrated on usual connectivity disputes, separating the core of DIRIGERA. By compatibility through main policies and an insightful setup procedure, DIRIGERA guarantees a varied and user-friendly practice.

Its combination with Matter conventions is future evidence for the hub, letting clients smoothly link to a range of gadgets. As we ponder the advantages and disadvantages, incorporating its simplicity of setup and random errors, DIRIGERA appears as an encouraging supplement to the smart home environment. It denotes IKEA's allegiance to constant amendment and invention, leading clients into a future somewhere smart residing is the same with the continuous connectivity proposed by the IKEA DIRIGERA Smart Home Hub.


  1. Does the New IKEA App Automatically Detect Smart Devices?

No, it doesn’t. You have to add your IKEA home smart products manually to your Hub.

  1. Is Dirigera Wireless?

Unfortunately, not, Dirigera requires internet and connects to your router with the provided ethernet cable.

Support for Wi-Fi may or may not come in the future.

  1. What Is the Range of the Dirigera?

The range of the Dirigera works like a network, the closest a product has to be placed is 10m.

That product then has a 10m range for a second device. This creates a network of devices for the Dirgera.

  1. Do the Tradfiri Products Work Dirigera?

Yes! All Tradfiri products work with Dirigera. These devices can be migrated to the new hub.

There’s no official tool for migration, so you are on your own.

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