Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug

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By Nethmini Bandara

I have used the Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug most recently and I was impressed with its combination of user-accessible control and intuitive power direction. After incorporating this outstanding device into my day-to-day schedule, I could make my life easier and more effective. So, I thought to share my real-time experience on this device with you. 

Still Interested? 

Then you are in the right place. This article will give you an in-depth knowledge about the Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug!! 

What is Eve Energy?

Eve Energy is a series of smart outlets introduced by Eve Network. These plugs are friendly with HomeKit, allowing users to control the connected devices while they are at a distance. Not only the remote control but they allow users to control their schedules and observe the power utilization in real-time. Attributes of Eve Energy Smart Plug such as power direction, ability to make schedules, and Eve Energy thread compatibility have made it a better choice for a smart home ecosystem. 

Eve Energy Plug Gets Matter Compatibility

Eve Energy Smart Plug is announced by Eve as a Matter-enabled smart plug. With this compatibility, it brings various benefits mainly the possibility of adding it to any smart home system without any corruption. therefore, you can control this plug over your iOS devices.

Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug Review

Eve plug has taken an important place in my home, and it efficiently works to make my day-to-day routine simpler and more effective. It comes with a pack with 2 devices. Eve Energy's 2-pack includes a smart plug and a power meter. Its features have impressed me a lot.  So, I decided to give you some details about the features of Eve Smart Plug. The following are those features, 

  • Compatibility with HomeKit 

Eve Energy Smart Plugs are well known for their Apple HomeKit compatibility. Along with this feature, it is simpler to incorporate into Apple-supported smart home environments.  This lets users manage and direct their smart devices by utilizing the home application or Siri voice directions. 

  • Power Directions 

Eve Energy Smart Plugs are supplied with power direction abilities. Through this attribute, you can trace the energy utilization of the linked smart devices. Also, they help them produce informed judgments about power utilization and probably reduce energy costs. 

  • Aided by Thread technology 

Eve socket is supported by Thread technology which is a low-power, radio web networking policy. Thread permits genuine and approachable communication among smart devices within a smart home environment. 

  • Making schedules and mechanization 

Users of the Eve power plug can arrange schedules to mechanize the on/off function of the linked devices. This attribute includes ease and power effectiveness to the smart home network.  

  • User-accessible application 

Eve Energy Smart Plugs are usually configured and guided via the Eve app. It provides a user-accessible interface for managing linked devices, arranging day-to-day routines, and reading power utilization data. 

Not only knowing about the product features but understanding the pros of the product is also important. By reading the following you will understand the pros of the Eve Energy Smart Plugs. 


  • The device is companionable with all main smart home policies  
  • The device can observe your energy intake  
  • Each of the Eve Energy Outlet’s receptacles is independently controlled 

Any product has its cons as well as pros. Following are the cons of the Eve smart outlet. 


  • The Matter standard yet doesn’t tolerate energy supervising  
  • If you’re utilizing Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you need to open the Eve app to see your energy intake records  
  • The device requires to be hardwired 

After careful consideration of customer reviews among numerous manufacturers of Eve Energy smart plugs, I recommend the Elgato Eve Energy smart plug as the best plug. It helps you to keep records of the energy usage of the product and it is also supported by Thread technology. 

How to pair Eve Energy with Home Assistant

To get the advantages of the better functionality of the Eve power plug, you need to connect it with your home assistant. Following are the steps you should follow in pairing Eve energy with a home assistant. 

  1. Approach home assistant configuration 

Go to the Home Assistant web and then to the configuration. 

  1. Integrate eve energy 

In the configuration menu, choose the integrations. Click on the + mark to attach a novel integration, after that find and choose Eve Energy 

  1. Configure eve energy 

Track the on-screen guidelines to configure Eve Energy. Make sure that your eve plugs pairing system is active in this procedure.  

  1. Find devices 

Your home assistant will start to find devices. Certify that your smart plug is findable. Once found, choose the certain smart devices that you need to add. 

  1. Finalize configuration 

Finish the integrating process by ensuring the chosen devices. Then your home assistant will conclude the configuring process for your eve outlet. 

  1. Verify control 

Make sure that you can manage Eve energy smart devices via your home assistant's dashboard.  

  1. Setup automation 

This step is not mandatory. If you need to, you can make tailored routines through the Eve energy plug. 

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In the process of paring eve energy with a home assistant like Google Home you need an eve energy strip. Along with the Eve Energy Strip, you can separately manage three plugs via the Eve app or Apple Siri.  

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What Can You Do with a Matter-Enabled Eve Energy Plug

  • The Matter standard yet doesn’t tolerate energy supervising  
  • Controlling even at a distance
  • Monitoring the energy
  • Creating routines and automation schedules
  • Controlling using voice commands

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Eve Energy?  

Eve Energy is a series of smart outlets launched by Eve manufacturers. It is proposed to create primary devices smart by letting clients manage them while they are at a distance. 

  1. Does Eve Energy smart plug support Thread technology?  

Yes, Eve Energy smart plugs support Thread technology. 

  1. Can I link Eve Energy to a triple outlet by using the Eve Energy Strip?  

Yes, Eve Energy is friendly with the Eve Energy Strip. It allows you to link it to a triple socket for a sticky and ordered energy direction network. 

  1. What is HomeKit energy in association with Eve Energy?  

HomeKit Energy regards the compatibility of Eve Energy with Apple's HomeKit network.  

  1. Is Eve Energy obtainable in a 2-pack?  

Yes, Eve Energy is obtainable in a 2-pack that includes the smart plug and a power meter. It provides clients with a choice to afford various units for wide smart home exploration 


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