7 Best Matter Supported Smart Hubs

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By Vashni Patrick

The only thing that smart home users have to struggle with is finding a way to control all the smart home devices from different manufacturers. You must use multiple applications and control them separately if they are from different companies. And that’s a real struggle! 

It’s always a wise decision to invest in a good smart home hub. It allows you to connect and automate most devices with a single application.  And what if a single protocol lets you use any of these devices in various platforms and ecosystems? This is where Matter hops in.  

Matter has brought in a whole new level of connection between smart home ecosystems. Most of the smart home hubs are now Matter compatible. So, if you are in search of the best Matter Hubs, here are our top 7 recommendations,  

Are you interested in learning more? Let’s have a look at each one of them! 

Google Nest Hub

Google MAtter Nest Hub

The Nest Hub from Google was first developed as a digital frame with a smart speaker. The newest Nest Hub G2 can do many things and has developed into a smart home hub. The hub has many other features, such as an alarm clock, weather reporting, a communication center, etc. All these come on a small screen with a speaker.  

Most of the users love keeping it in their bedrooms as it can perform many activities at the same time. It is also easy to handle other devices when the hub is nearby. Using voice commands is more convenient than the touch screen. 

Google has also updated the Nest Hub with Matter. You can connect the devices to this hub using Wi-Fi or Thread. Once the device is in the hub and connected to the home network, you can control it with the Google Home app, which is Matter compatible.  For someone who is starting up a smart home system and looking for a Matter-supported hub, Nest Hub-Matter is the best combination. 

Features of Matter Google Nest Hub

  • Enhanced speaker for entertainment 
  • Display photos from Google drive 
  • Quick gestures in motion to control 
  • Ambient EQ light sensor 
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity 
  • Matter support 

Reasons to buy 

  • Tracks sleep and breathing 
  • Excellent smart home controls 
  • Quick Google Assistant responds 
  • Voice commanding 

Reasons to avoid 

  • No camera available 
  • Sleep tracking feature is paid 

Aqara Hub M3

Aqara MAtter hub M3

Aqara Hub M2 Matter support has recently got the OTA update. But the newest Aqara Matter hub M3 comes with native Matter support, which also supports Thread. It is created as a multi-functional smart hub that does it all. You can connect it to home appliances, security systems, doorbells, and much more. It takes a little time to learn and get used to this smart hub, and even the setup process is easy.  

This smart home hub can identify and connect to nearby Matter devices and add them to the home network quickly. It also has support for third-party Matter devices.  Also, Aqara Hub is the best Matter-supported smart home device in the market.

Features of Aqara Hub M3

  • Can create comprehensive smart automation system 
  • Compatible with a wide range of smart home devices 
  • Can connect upto 128 devices at once 

Reason to buy

  • Great as a starter hub 
  • Easy to setup and configure 
  • Supports a wide range of accessories 

Reasons to avoid 

  • Security issues 
  • Speaker quality is not smooth 
  • Alarm function 
  • Ecosystem is limited  

Aeotec Hub Matter also will be the best choice of Matter hubs. Need to know what it is?? Check on: Matter-Supported Aeotec Smart Home Hub

Switchbot Hub 2

Switchbot Matter Hub 2

Switchbot Hub 2 is a winner of its previous hubs, and there are a few exciting reasons to justify this. The most important thing is the implementation of Matter. The main goal of Matter is to unify everything under a single standard, and the Switchbot Matter Hub 2 looks promising in keeping the protocol on the right track. 

Switchbot Hub2 comes with a small display screen that shows things such as the temperature and humidity of the room. The configuration of Matter is also less complicated. Remember that even though Home Assistant has integrated Matter, it is still in Beta mode. So, if you want to use it with this hub, ensure you are in the 2023.5.4 version. 

Switchbot Matter Hub 2 helps us to get closer to the idea of a unified standard smart home ecosystem with Matter. This unique hub strongly shows that Matter really matters. 

Features of SwitchBot Hub

  • Temperature and humidity detection ability 
  • Powerful IR sensor 
  • Can work without internet 

Reasons to buy 

  • Extremely versatile 
  • Historical information can be obtained 

Reasons to avoid 

  • Expensive 
  • No clock available 
  • No Z-Wave support 

Tuya Smart Gateway

Tuya Smart Gateway

Tuya Smart has been committed to advancing the adaptation of Matter standards. This helps the customers to reduce the cost of using different methods to connect smart devices. One such result is coming up with Tuya Smart Gateway supported by Matter. 

This hub lets users immediately synchronize Matter devices to the local system.  The users can also use the smart speakers to achieve local control of devices through the Tuya Matter smart home hub, even without a network. 

It supports third-party control via Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant and Siri voice control. It has a low power consumption, and the signal covers a vast area you can rely on. 

Features of Tuya Matter Hub

  • Scenario and automation supported 
  • Remote controlling 
  • Ability to add devices without network 
  • Cam be integrated into a security platform 

Reasons to buy 

  • You can access all the devices from anywhere in the world 
  • No need of a gateway for most devices to connect 
  • Integration with third party programs 

Reasons to avoid 

  • All data is stored in cloud 
  • Reading sensors are so low 
  • A gateway is still required for some devices 
  • Pairing a new device is not always easy 

SmartThings Station

SmartThings Station

This is a brilliant smart home hub that does it all! If you are a tech geek looking for a multi-purpose smart home hub, this is it. It is also the cheapest Matter controller that can be bought.  It creates a Matter SmartThings Hub where all the Matter gadgets can be integrated. 

The small programmable button of the hub can be used to control automated routines. It is compatible with many third-party smart home devices that have Matter support. This hub can also wirelessly charge Qi-compatible devices.  

If you don’t need a hub that obeys voice commands but just a single button to run routines, Samsung Matter Hub is the best option. 

Features of SmartThings Station

  • Can be used as a wireless charger 
  • Simple and intuitive connection 
  • Devices finding option 
  • Button control smart devices and screen  
  • Intelligent control hub 

Reasons to buy 

  • Easy smart button programmable with scenes and controls 
  • Qi wireless phone charger 
  • Can find lost Galaxy phones and tablets 
  • Works with Android and iOS 

Reasons to avoid  

  • No voice control feature 
  • Some third-party devices are not supported 
  • Smart button is not accessible when charging 
  • No display available 

IKEA Dirigera Hub

IKEA Dirigera

The new IKEA Dirigera Hub is a Matter-ready smart home hub that is completely redesigned. This is one of the best attempts of IKEA to integrate Matter into their smart home devices.  

The hub can be connected to any smart device, including lights, speakers, and purifiers, and can be controlled using a single app. You can also create scenes and routines with it. The most important thing is the IKEA Matter hub iot that enables a manufacturer combination of smart home solutions within a single app.   

The company has an app that controls products that are not Matter enabled. It can be controlled with motion, voice or quick keys. The IKEA Dirigera Smart Home hub has to be connected to a WiFi network for its full performance. And it can be used with many voice assistants. 

Features of IKEA Drigera

  • Utilizing Matter standard protocol 
  • Automated software system 
  • Creating scenes to make simple actions 
  • Intuitive dashboard with room represented 
  • Ability to divide devices into different rooms 

Reasons to buy 

  • Easy to setup and use 
  • Organizes devices into proper rooms 
  • Stable 
  • Bulk resetting 

Reasons to avoid 

  • Expensive 
  • Too simple for a complexed smart home setup 
  • No migration tool for moving the existing devices and scenes 
  • Minor bugs 

Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue Bridge

This is a unique bridge that helps in controlling all the smart lights and security cameras in your home. The settings can be controlled either by voice or automation.  

Smart devices can be added to a smart home system in two ways: using Bluetooth or connecting through a bridge. The latter option is the best on Philips Hue devices as the setup will unlock the full potential of smart lighting and security features.  

The bridge was recently updated to support Matter. All the Hue lights and security cams will also support Matter. You can also connect the devices to smart home assistants for the best performance. With this integration, smart devices work faster and more responsively than before. For anyone concerned about high-performance home lighting and security, the Philips Hue Bridge-Matter combination will be a perfect match.  

Apart from the Matter hubs which are helping to automate smart devices, there is the yale's smart door lock to ensure and guarantee your smart home's security.

Features of Philips Hue Bridge

  • Automatic system update 
  • Works with any smart light or security cam 
  • Voice assistant support 
  • Build your very own system  
  • Home away control 

Reasons to buy 

  • Lights can be controlled remotely using the app 
  • Set fixed routines 
  • Expansion ability of the system 

Reasons to avoid

  • Requires a stable WiFi connection to stay connected  
  • Sometimes the manual actions don’t work. 

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Guide to choosing the best Matter smart home hub for you

The first thing you must consider when choosing a smart home hub is to focus on what you need to do with it. It should also match with what devices you hope to connect and control with a hub. Because if you have only a few smart home devices, you don’t need a hub at all. 

It would be a great choice to select a hub with Matter protocol, which can unify the entire smart home ecosystem. Matter can connect with every other device that has support for it. This means you can add any device to the system regardless of which manufacturer made it.  

Amazon, Google, Apple, and many others endorse the Matter protocol. It promises to make the linking process of smart devices simple. This will make availability of more devices on different smart home ecosystems.  

Overall, a Matter hub is a smart choice for anyone who has a lot of smart home devices from different manufacturers at home. It will simply do the thing by letting you manage more smart home devices in a single platform.

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FAQs about the Matter supported Hubs

How do Matter devices communicate? 

Matter devices can easily communicate with each other by using the unified application layer.  

What is Matter communication? 

It is an open-source connectivity standard for smart home and IoT devices.  

Does Matter use Zigbee? 

No. Matter doesn’t use Zigbee natively. 

Does Matter support IPv4? 

Yes. Matter supports both IPv4 and IPv6.  

What is a Matter hub?

Matter Hub is used to add, control, and manage various Matter Smart Home Devices in one single platform.

What works as a Matter hub?

There're many devices from different brands that work as a Matter Hub such as Google Home, Google Home Mini, Aqara Hub, Samsung SmartThings, and more.

Does Zigbee Support Matter?

The answer is No, Zigbee devices aren't compatible with Matter devices.

Is Google Hub Matter compatible?


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