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By Nethmini Bandara

Are you looking forward to moving into the smart living concepts? Do you want a smart solution for your busy lifestyle and enjoy the comfort and effectiveness of smart home facilities? Then you must know about Nanoleaf Skylight Lights, which play a critical role in smart homes. Excited? This in-depth article will provide you with a vast understanding of Nanoleaf Skylight Lights. 

Do You know??? 

Nanoleaf Skylight Lights are now compatible with Matter! 

Next-Level Lighting Experience with Nanoleaf Skylights

Nanoleaf Skylight Lights are derived with a twist design to yield them elegantly. The producers have revealed the “Sense Plus Smart Light Switch” and “Sense Plus Smart Wireless Light Switch”. Both of these are revealed with built-in devices proposed to study particular lighting routines. 

These Matter-allowed, Thread-motorized lighting mechanisms have built-in mobility and ambient light sensors. They are intended to operate with a new invention, which is known as “Nano leaf’s Nala Learning Bridge”. 

Features of Matter Nanoleaf Skylights

  • Artistic Intensity 

Nanoleaf Skylight Lights are a system of creative representation. The capability to organize them in numerous designs permits clients to construct a tailored display. This helps to transform their edges into an eternally developing image of light. 

  • Captivating Skill 

Top of the key features of this is the combination of music synchronization and companionability with the possible Rhythm component. The lights react animatedly to music.  

  • Simplicity of Setting up 

Nanoleaf's dedication to user-accessible expertise is apparent in the basic setting up procedure. The modular arrangement confirms that users can link and coordinate hexagons in many forms. This convenience makes the Skylight Hexagons a friendly addition to every techie or beginner. 

  • Elastic Tractability 

This aspect guarantees that your Nanoleaf Skylight Hexagons can grow with the adjusting room arrangements or outline likings. It is a testimony to Nanoleaf's progressive-thinking methodology. 

  • Improved Connectivity 

The Skylight Hexagons flawlessly incorporate into smart residence environments with Matter expertise. This improves compatibility with an extensive scale of gadgets. 

  • Power Effectiveness and Sustainability 

Supplied with LED expertise, these lights rank power effectiveness. This assists in the reduction of current bills and positioning with the extending converge on balanced and environmentally friendly expertise. 

Nanoleaf Skylight Lights

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Nanoleaf Skylight Lights


  • Imaginative Demonstration - The hexagonal pattern transforms the wall into an energetic and modified creation of art. 
  • Captivating Entertaining Activities - Music synchronization and rhythm component compatibility convey an attractive and cooperative lighting involvement. 
  • The simplicity of Setting up - Nanoleaf's user-accessible arrangement confirms that clients can experience the lights quickly and without any irritation. 
  • Flexible Arrangement - The modular pattern grants for a simple extension to assist in adjusting room outlines. 
  • Improved Connectivity - Combination with Matter expertise confirms continuous interconnectivity within the smart residential home environment. 


  • High Cost - Creating an enormous display with numerous hexagons might be significant. 
  • Narrow Appearance Options - The hexagonal strategy could not influence each other, reducing pattern opportunities for certain users. 
  • Vividness Variant – Based on the selected color, vividness might vary and impact the whole lighting in specified circumstances. 

There are various Matter-Supported smart devices such as Matter-Supported light switches and Matter-Supported smart plugs.


In conclusion, Nanoleaf Skylight Hexagons make fine illuminations. They are simple to install and adjust with the music. Also, you will be able to add additional as you prefer. They function with intelligent home objects; you can choose colors through an application. They prevent energy and tailor in all places. But acquiring lots could charge a bit high. If you love minimal and joyful lights, Nanoleaf Hexagons are an excellent choice. Light up your home environment with a sophisticated approach! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. In what way do I install Nanoleaf Skylight Hexagons? 

  • Installing Hexagons is simple. Apply the contained connectives and go after the instructions in the Nanoleaf application for an immediate and irritation-free setting up. 

2. Can I reorder the Hexagons after they are installed? 

  • Certainly! The modular layout lets you relocate the Hexagons in different patterns. 

3. Do I require the Rhythm module for music synchronization aspects? 

  • The Rhythm module improves the music synchronization capability, but it's non-compulsory.  

5. Are Nanoleaf Skylight Hexagons companionable with voice aides? 

  • They are! You can manipulate your Hexagons employing voice commands through Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. 






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