Multiple Vendor Devices? Many Apps? Matter solves it all!

Matter is here - and many vendors' devices are ready to be used with the new Matter Standard. Designed to work together with ALL smart home devices, regardless of the brands. Matter works with Thread for even stronger connections. Together, they solve previous IoT fragmentation challenges, creating secure, seamless, and reliable Matter smart home experiences. Yes, you can add any smart home / IoT devices to any Smart Home System with Matter protocol now!

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Most of the smart home devices supports Matter


Easy to set up and use


Multiple Admins for the devices

Matter News & Updates

There are many smart home devices and categories are compatible with smart home standard Matter.

Matter Smart Home Standard 1.2 arrived

Matter 1.2 is set to revolutionize smart homes by introducing support for nine new devices that are crucial for your smart living space.

Samsung's SmartThings Unveils the Multi-Hub Network

Discover how Samsung's SmartThings is making smart homes smarter with the Multi-Hub Network, a game-changer in the world of home automation.

Tapo Smart Plug Mini - Matter Supported

Introducing the Tapo Smart Plug Mini: Matter Compatibility, User-Friendly Setup, and Cost-Effective Smart Living Solutions

Matter Community

The Matterly community is the perfect place to discuss real-world experiences, dig deeper into the Matter protocols, and resolve any issues you may be facing. We are actively nurturing this community across platforms including Matter (un)official Forum, Reddit, and Discord.

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Matter (un)official Forum

The Matter (un)official Forum is more than just a place for Matter insights; It is the best place to delve deeper into Matter protocols and resolve any issues you may encounter.

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Matter (un)official Reddit

Matterly is a subreddit for Matter Smart Home users. Join us to share news and ask questions about Matter Protocol & Device Support Timelines!

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Matter (un)official Discord

Join our Matterly Discord community, connect with fellow Matter smart home users, share insights, and stay updated on the latest in Matter enabled devices. We can't wait to welcome you.