7 Best Matter Controllers

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By Nethmini Bandara

Are you in the thought of moving to a smart home ecosystem? Do you need to make your life comfortable and simpler while running your busy day-to-day routines? Then it is important to have in-depth knowledge of smart home controllers. Excited? Then this comprehensive article will solve all your problems and give you detailed knowledge. 

Following are the 7 best recommendations for Matter-Supported Smart Home Controllers. 

1. Amazon Echo (4th Gen) with Zigbee Hub

 Amazon Echo (4th Gen) with Zigbee Hub

The Amazon Echo (4th Gen) incorporates Zigbee and Matter reinforcement. It functions as a multipurpose intelligent home hub. Alongside Alexa, it extends clients a consolidated resolution for voice-controlled smart home tools such as Matter-Supported Smart Plugs and Matter-Supported Smart Light Switches.

Features of Amazon Echo (4th Gen) with Zigbee Hub

  • Zigbee and Matter assist with smart home device management. 
  • Alexa incorporation. 
  • Hub expertise for device linkage. 


  • All-in-one resolution with voice controller and intelligent home hub. 
  • Wide compatibility with diverse smart devices. 


  • Reliance on the internet for extensive functionality. 
  • Restricted Matter device aid 

2. Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) appears Matter reinforcement for effective smart home administration. It is integrated with Google Assistant and a touchscreen display. Through this feature, users can experience flexible manipulation capabilities.  

Features of Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) 

  • Matter maintenance for smart home tool organization. 
  • Google Assistant incorporation  
  • Touchscreen display for extra manipulation preferences. 


  • Incorporation with Google network. 
  • Voice and touch controllers for a flexible user capability 


  • Restricted screen size than other devoted regulators. 
  • Controlled Matter device compatibility 

3. Apple HomePod Mini 

Apple HomePod Mini

The Apple HomePod Mini results in the aid of Matter to the Apple network, Also, it enhances smart home linkage. Siri Voice Aide and its solid infrastructure yield it a secrecy-attentive alternative. 

Features of Apple HomePod Mini

  • Matter aid for improved smart home connectivity. 
  • Siri incorporation. 
  • Condensed model appropriate for several spaces. 


  • Incorporation with the Apple environment. 
  • Secrecy-attentive method to smart home management. 


  • Controlled compatibility with devices that do not belong to the Apple system. 
  • Minor speaker when compared with other HomePod standards.

4. Samsung SmartThings Hub (V3)

Samsung SmartThings Hub (V3)

The Samsung SmartThings Hub (V3) proposes Matter friendly environment along with Zigbee and Z-Wave assistance. Users can initially monitor and program a varied series of smart appliances.  

Features of Samsung SmartThings Hub (V3)

  • Matter support for device combination. 
  • Zigbee and Z-Wave assistance. 
  • SmartThings application for consolidated management. 


  • Broad compatibility with Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Matter-Supported gadgets. 
  • Strong mechanization abilities beyond the SmartThings system. 


  • Certain clients conveyed system and connectivity problems. 
  • Needs an internet linkage for distance monitoring. 

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5. Hubitat Elevation

Hubitat Elevation

The Hubitat Altitude Figures Matter reinforcement. It highlights local handling for improved secrecy and consistency. Also, it provides users pursuing enhanced smart home mechanization expertise. 

Features of Hubitat Elevation

  • Matter maintenance for improved interconnectivity. 
  • Local handling for improved secrecy and consistency. 
  • Tailored mechanization policies beyond the Hubitat network. 


  • Local administering decreases reliance on cloud facilities. 
  • Enhanced mechanization experiences for energy consumers. 


  • The expensive understanding cycle for starters. 
  • Minor user groups compared to ordinary hubs. 

6. Eve Energy Smart Controller

Eve Energy Smart Controller

Eve Energy integrates Matter aid smart home incorporation. Also, it attracts clients who see increased power effectiveness in the Apple system. 

Features of Eve Energy 

  • Matter reinforcement for compatibility among smart home mechanisms. 
  • Power supervising resources for linked devices. 
  • HomeKit incorporation for Apple network users. 


  • Smooth and condensed design. 
  • Energy supervising raises energy effectiveness. 


  • Controlled compatibility with devices that do not belong to HomeKit 
  • Moderately elementary compared to fully developed smart hubs. 

7. Hubitat Elevation C-7

Hubitat Elevation C-7

The Hubitat Elevation C-7 aids Matter for wide device companionability. Also, it delivers a strong resolution for complex users who are looking for a tailored smart home capability. 

Features of Hubitat Elevation C-7

  • Matter aids for a wide range of device compatibility. 
  • Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Lutron combination. 
  • Local handling for developed safety and consistency. 


  • Local handling decreases reliance on cloud facilities. 
  • Backing for a large scale of smart home practices. 


  • The expensive understanding curve for starters. 
  • Might demand technological proficiency for ideal use. 

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To conclude, Matter-reinforced smart controllers play a key role in the growth of smart home expertise. These are varying from the flexible Amazon Echo to the secrecy-attentive Apple HomePod Mini. Through features, make a path for a linked standard of living that highlights accessibility and productivity. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is Matter Protocol? 

Matter is an identical protocol. It was previously identified as Project CHIP. It guarantees that several devices can communicate effortlessly and grant clients a merged and user-accessible smart home capability. 

  1.  In what way do Matter-reinforced controllers increase safety? 

Matter-reinforced controllers contain strong safety measures. It includes encoding and verification protocols. This improves the safety of the smart home network. 

  1. Can I utilize Matter-reinforced controllers with my remaining smart home tools? 

Matter intends to uphold interconnectivity. However, the limit of compatibility rests on renovating devices to be Matter-supported.  

  1. What benefits do local handling and power observing cause to smart controllers? 

Local handling decreases reliance on cloud facilities. Also, the power observing features back to energy effectiveness. 





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