7 Best Matter-Supported Smart Plugs in 2024

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By Nethmini Bandara

Let’s step into the world that has been revolutionized with smart living concepts together. Experience the comfortability of smart living and make our day-to-day events simpler along with our busy routines. So, this comprehensive article will drive you to reconceive what are the best Matter-Supported Smart Plugs in 2024.

Here are our best seven (7) recommendations for matter-supported smart plugs in 2024.

Meross MSS115 Matter Smart Plug

Meross MSS115 Matter Smart Plug

Meross continues at the vanguard of smart home modernization, and their MSS115 Matter-supported smart plug demonstrates their assurance of superiority. Through consistent integration and a user-manageable application, this smart plug effortlessly incorporates other Matter-empowered gadgets.

Features of Meross MSS115 Matter Smart Plug

  • Matter Protocol Compatibility - The Meross MSS115 is one of the first Matter products in the world. It supports the Matter protocol, which is led by major eco-platforms such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and more than 500 global companies. The standard and simple protocol makes it easier to implement and use Matter devices.
  • Powerful Interaction - This Matter plug can be associated with all applications and manipulate all gadgets. It can still link to all cloud facilities (specified in Matter conventions).
  • Powerful Protection - Matter supplies the machine with strong protection operating verified and typical cryptological algorithms. Every single message is safeguarded, and the structural design is entirely local.


  • Input: 120V~, 60Hz
  • Output: 15A Max
  • Power Observer: Not existing
  • Button: 1 x on/Off Button (press and hold for 5 seconds to commence factory reset)
  • LED: 1 x Status LED
  • Measurements: 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches (except plug pins)
  • Radio Standards Support: 64/128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/WPA3-PSK (does not support Enterprise Wi-Fi)
  • Qualifications: ETL, FCC, IC

System Requirements:

  • Remaining 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, IPv6
  • Smartphone operating iOS 16.1 or advanced or Android 8.1 or advanced.


  • One of the pioneer smart plugs with Matter support that is open to buy  
  • It is user-friendly and comfortable to set up  
  • It is resourceful and can be enjoyed with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa 
  • It is cost-effective and offered in a two-pack for a smaller amount than $50 


  • Does not obtain a Thread radio  
  • The Meross MSS115 does not correspond with the HomeKit automation  

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Tapo P125M Mini Smart Plug

Tapo P125M Mini Smart Plug

The Tapo P125M is an efficient and effective Matter smart plug that offers a pathway to monitor your devices without any interruption. With its smooth strategy and Matter affinity, it's the greatest addon to any smart home environment.

Features of Tapo P125M Mini Smart Plug

  • Matter Accredited – Incorporate Matter-qualified Tapo devices with other Matter-end inventions into your favoured environment.
  • Compacted Design - Small-sized to prevent blocking adjacent outlets, (even smaller than P100).
  • Voice Controller – Supervise your smart plug with voice orders through Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Assistant.
  • Remote Controller – Immediately turn associated devices on/off from anywhere you are via the Tapo app.
  • Plan – Set a plan to mechanically cope devices.
  • Auto-Off – Robotically turns off a linked device after the gadget is left on for a set period.
  • Away Mode – Instinctively turns mechanisms on and off at separate periods to provide the appearance that somebody is home.
  • Boost Higher-Power Applications – Program your kettle, coffee maker, and toaster to enjoy a "fixed" mealtime.


  • Empowers Matter (in accumulation to numerous connectivity measures) 
  • Condensed dimensions 


It doesn’t create power control statements. 

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TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug - Matter Edition

TP-Link's Kasa smart plug has been a standard selection for smart home devotees, and its Matter Version remains to serve brilliance. Experience the accessibility of voice controllers and programming characters, all inside the Matter structure.

  • Matter Accredited – Combine Matter-expert Kasa tools with other Matter-end stuff in your selected environment.
  • Energy Observing — Examine linked machine's real-time and historic power usage.
  • Compacted Design - Mini-sized to prevent blocking adjacent plugs.
  • Voice Controller – Administer your smart plug with voice orders through Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Assistant.
  • Remote Control – Promptly turn associated devices on/off from anywhere you are over the Kasa Smart application.
  • Schedule – Set a plan to mechanically cope devices.
  • Away Mode – Mechanically turns devices on and off at diverse periods to provide the appearance that someone is home.


  • Supports Matter protocol, which is an open-source software standard for smart home appliances 
  • Grants energy supervising abilities, which can support you in tracing the energy utilization of your linked devices 
  • It has a compact design that mixes into your power store, without stopping the adjoining outlet 


  • The gadget is estimated at $24.99, which is vaguely more costly than other smart plugs in the marketplace 
  • The device is used only on 2.4 GHz wireless networks 

Apart from the Matter smart plugs which help to automate your smart home, there is Yale's smart door lock to ensure and guarantee your smart home's security.

Amazon Basics Matter Enabled Smart Plug

Amazon Basics Matter Enabled Smart Plug

Amazon Basics arrives in the Matter arena with a consistent and inexpensive smart plug. This device effortlessly takes part in your Matter-permitted system, extending a frank and innate user capability.

Features of Amazon Basics Matter Enabled Smart Plug

  • Process Method - ON-OFF
  • Power Ranking - 15 Amps
  • Functioning Voltage - 120 Volts
  • Contact Category - Normally Open
  • Connector Type - Plug-In
  • Brand - Eve
  • Item Magnitudes - LxWxH 2.36 x 2.76 x 1.52 inches
  • Connection Material - Brass
  • Global Protection Ranking - IP00
  • Quantity of Locations - 1


  • Easy to set up 
  • Operates completely with Alexa 


  • Relatively expensive 
  • Extremely primitive controller 

Eve Energy Matter Smart Outlet

Eve Energy Matter Smart Outlet

Eve Energy leads to grace and productivity in the world of Matter-reinforced smart plugs. The smart outlet recommends power observing expertise and a streamlined design, making it the best choice for those who estimate both approach and functionality.

Features of Eve Energy Matter Smart Outlet

  • Extra Features - HomeKit Companionable, Radio
  • Internet Access - Compulsory
  • Connections - Radio
  • Power Basis - AC
  • Functioning Structure - iOS/iPadOS 16.4 (or advanced)
  • Necessities Other - Matter regulator, Thread Border Router


  • The device is companionable with all main smart home policies 
  • The device can observe your energy intake 
  • Each of the Eve Energy Outlet’s receptacles is independently controlled 


  • The Matter standard yet doesn’t tolerate energy supervising 
  • If you’re utilizing Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you need to open the Eve app to see your energy intake records 
  • The device requires to be hardwired 

Matter Outdoor Plug

Matter Outdoor Plug

Expand your smart home abilities outdoors with a Matter-reinforced outdoor plug. With weather-resilient landscapes and vigorous connectivity, these plugs allow you to supervise and program your outdoor gadgets easily.

Features of Matter Outdoor Plug

  • Weather-Resistance: With a remarkable functioning temperature range of -20F to 122F. With an IP65 ranking, it's resilient to dirt, dust, moisture, and UV erosion.
  • Smart Controls: You can control your outside lighting from a wire-free wall switch.


  • The plug is proposed to endure critical weather situations, making it best for outside use. 
  • The plug matches with voice aides like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, granting you the chance to supervise your outside devices with your voice. 
  • The plug appears with an energy-observing feature that lets you trace the energy utilization of your outdoor devices. 
  • The plug is simple to connect and set up and can be controlled using a mobile app. 


  • The plug might not be friendly with all smart home systems, so it’s vital to test compatibility before buying. 
  • The plug bears a regulated range, so it might not act well for substantial outdoor areas. 
  • The plug is comparatively costly compared to other outside smart plugs on the marketplace. 

Wyze Plug v3

Wyze Plug v3

Wyze is notorious for its reasonable and feature-crowded smart home devices, establishing the Wyze Plug v3. With Matter compatibility, it effortlessly combines into your Matter-allowed environment.

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Features of Wyze Plug V3

  • Assembling and Sharing Wyze Plug - With Grouping, you can operate various Wyze Plugs at the same period or arrange your Wyze Plugs for Shortcuts.
  • Utilizing Instructions with Wyze Plug - Instructions aid in mechanizing your Wyze Plug, making it simpler to turn it on/off with a single tap in the app, have it turn on/off at a programmed period, or when prompted by another application.
  • Vacation Mode - Vacation Mode for Wyze Plug formulates its appearance as you're home when you're away. If plugged into lamps, this characteristic will turn them off and on casually.


  • Extremely inexpensive 
  • Simple to set up 
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice mechanism 
  • Plenty of tertiary-party assistance 


  • Doesn’t aid with HomeKit 
  • Absences of power use recording 

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As Matter maintains a significant role in smart home technology, the accessibility of Matter-maintained smart plugs presents its consumers with a varied range of preferences to improve their home-based automation involvement. Whether you give priority to brand reputation, special features, or inclusive compatibility, these seven smart plugs denote the peak of Matter-supported technology in 2024. Renovate your smart home with these consistent and advanced devices that effortlessly participate in the changing world of Matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are smart plugs, and exactly how do they run?

Smart plugs let you power an electric socket on or off using your mobile, yet when you’re not at home. Some practice Bluetooth to permit you to use an app on your smartphone to supervise them, whilst others link to Wi-Fi and use internet access to communicate with the authority.

  1. What is a smart plug beneficial for?

A smart plug is perfect for making any standard application smart, so it can be monitored from an app on your smartphone.

It connects to an existing power outlet and can be operated with any machine that has a basic plug on it. Smart plugs can also help examine how much energy an electronic device uses. Nonetheless, certain smart plugs also allow you to improve the energy cost and work out a financial worth for this energy convention too.

People Also Ask

  1. What is “Matter” for smart plugs?

Matter is a novel smart home protocol initiated by Amazon, Apple, Google, and a host of producers to remove mismatches among smart homes.

  1. How do I use my smart outlet?

Subsequently setting up a smart plug, you’ll require your mobile, a digital associate or a smart speaker to practice it. You can supervise devices linked to the outlet by clicking on it from its associate application. Moreover, you can use your smart home platform application, or by assigning voice directions to the digital assistant operating your smart home platform.

  1. Is Meross companionable with thread?

Matter encourages Wi-Fi and Thread for information transmission and Bluetooth LE for commissioning.

  1. What's the variance between a smart plug and a mini smart plug?

The solid design of the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is slighter than other smart plugs and permits them to be loaded in the same outlet. Usage of assembling to merge your smart plug with other Kasa Smart devices for smooth control with one single tap on your smartphone.

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