How to Add any Nanoleaf Matter Devices to any Smart Home System

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By Nethmini Bandara

Move on to the sphere of smart lighting systems together with Nanoleaf Matter appliances! Make your home control easier and easier and live effectively and comfortably.  

Want to know about Nanoleaf Matter Devices and how to add them to your smart home system? 

Then, this comprehensive article is for you!!! 

Nanoleaf Matter Devices

Nanoleaf Matter devices symbolize the sharp border of smart lighting expertise. These devices are Constructed on the Matter conventions. These devices confirm the interconnectivity with an extensive scale of smart residential home standards and tools.  

Organizing Your Smart Home Structure

  • Compatibility of Hubs - Confirm that your smart residence hub aids the Matter protocol. This confirms efficient interaction linking your Nanoleaf Matter devices and supplementary smart home elements. 
  • Stable Network – Make sure there is a stable network system in your home. Deliberately improve your Wi-Fi system for improved consistency and execution. 
  • Application Installation - Download and set up the appropriate mobile application to handle your smart home approach.  

Including Nanoleaf Matter Devices

  • Power On and Arrange the Devices - Plug your Nanoleaf Matter devices and confirm they are powered on. 
  • Initiate the App – Access the mobile application connected with your smart home network and direct to the “device management” segment. 
  • Start Device Detection - Make active the device detection element inside the application to find out the neighboring Nanoleaf Matter mechanism. 
  • Pairing Devices – Go through the on-screen guidelines to combine your Nanoleaf Matter devices with your smart home network.  
  • Arrange and Appoint Rooms - Arrange your devices by allocating them to definite rooms or spaces within your home for simpler supervision and regulation. 

Incorporating Nanoleaf Matter Devices into Mechanizations

  • Generate Tailored Scenes - Use the scene formation equipment offered by your smart home application to make tailored illumination scenes based on your liking and regular practices. 
  • Setting Up Mechanization - Investigate mechanization selections to computerize lighting variations. 
  • Increase Combination - Take the pros of tertiary-party combinations to increase the functionality of your Nanoleaf Matter tools. 

Now, let’s see how to add the Nanoleaf Matter Devices to any smart home ecosystem. 

Adding Nanoleaf Matter Devices to Apple HomeKit

Adding Nanoleaf Matter Devices to Apple HomeKit

  • Confirming the Compatibility - Confirm whether your Nanoleaf devices are Matter-companionable or not. If they are Matter-qualified, they must function with HomeKit. 
  • Renewing Firmware – Ensure your Nanoleaf devices include the newest firmware established. 
  • Linking to HomeKit - To combine your Nanoleaf devices with HomeKit, you are required to pursue the following stages. 
  1. Launch the Home application on your iOS device. 
  2. Select the "+" sign in the top right spot to insert another device. 
  3. Choose "Insert Accessory" and go through the on-screen directions. 
  4. If displayed, scan the HomeKit installation code given with the Nanoleaf device or track the physical pairing procedure. 
  • Arrangement and Organization - Arrange them into rooms, spaces, or scenes inside the home application to manage them more effectively. 
  • Manage and Mechanize - In this step, you can manage them via the Home app, Siri voice directions, or set up mechanization. 

Apart from Nanoleaf, you can connect many smart home devices are compatible with Matter standards such as IKEA Matter Devices and Sonoff Matter Devices with any smart home ecosystem.

Adding Nanoleaf Matter Devices to Amazon Alexa

Adding Nanoleaf Matter Devices to Amazon Alexa

  • Ensure Compatibility – Make sure that your Nanoleaf devices correspond or not with Amazon Alexa. 
  • Linking Nanoleaf to Alexa – Follow the given guidelines and link Nanoleaf with Alexa. 
  • Initiate Schedules and Mechanizations - Combine your Nanoleaf devices into Alexa schedules to program duties or establish tailored scenes.  

Adding Nanoleaf Smart Devices to Google Home

  • Confirm the Compatibility – Similar to other smart home ecosystems, you need to verify whether your Nanoleaf smart devices support Google Home or not.  
  • Linking Nanoleaf to Google Home – After confirming the compatibility. If they are compatible, you need to link Nanoleaf with Google Home 
  • Supervise with Voice Controls – Once you link Nanoleaf with Google Home, you can supervise them using voice controls with Google Assistant. 
  • Form Schedules and Mechanizations - You can combine your Nanoleaf devices with Google Home schedules to program chores or initiate scenes. 
Adding Nanoleaf Smart Devices to Samsung SmartThings

Adding Nanoleaf Smart Devices to Samsung SmartThings

  • Confirm the Approved Incorporation – First of all you need to verify if Nanoleaf provides an approved incorporation or compatibility with Samsung SmartThings. 
  • Find Tertiary-Party Answers - If there's no direct incorporation offered, you can investigate tertiary-party solutions that permit you to supervise Nanoleaf devices via SmartThings.  
  • IFTTT Incorporation - IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a policy that grants you the chance to establish mechanized systems. So, you must verify if Nanoleaf and SmartThings are equally endorsed on IFTTT.  
  • Discover Home Mechanization Hubs - You need to confirm whether the hubs back equally Nanoleaf and SmartThings or not and utilize them as an association to combine your devices. 
  • Tailored Solutions - On behalf of progressed clients, there could be tailored solutions containing APIs. 

Do you want to know how to integrate any Matter device with any smart home system? Then, drive into How to add any Matter Smart Home Devices to any Smart Home System


By going through the guidelines, you can combine Nanoleaf Matter devices into your smart residential home approach. This can help you to open a world of potential for modified lighting encounters. Nanoleaf Matter devices propose the adaptability and tractability to bring a vision to life. Light up your home with Nanoleaf Matter and board on a drive of inspiration, ease, and comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is meant by Nanoleaf Matter? 

Nanoleaf Matter indicates Nanoleaf's smart lighting creations that obey the Matter protocol. These mechanisms are proposed to combine into your smart home environment. 

  1. Which Nanoleaf inventions are friendly with Matter? 

Nanoleaf Matter devices incorporate Nanoleaf's illumination panels, bulbs, and extras. These inventions are constructed on the Matter protocol, confirming interconnectivity and simplicity of combination with other Matter-permitted devices. 

  1. In what way do I insert Nanoleaf Matter devices into my smart home arrangement? 

You can add them by plugging the devices and powering them, initialing the applicable smart home application, starting device detection, putting together the devices with your network, and appointing them to exact rooms or areas for simpler supervision. 

  1. Can I manipulate Nanoleaf Matter devices with voice directions? 

If your smart home platform aids voice assistants, you can handle Nanoleaf Matter devices via voice instructions. Just connect your Nanoleaf devices to your favored voice aid and proceed with commands.  

5. Are there any tertiary-party incorporations offered for Nanoleaf Matter devices? 

Certainly, Nanoleaf Matter devices can be combined with tertiary-party aids and devices over corresponding smart home systems.  


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