Samsung's SmartThings Unveils the Multi-Hub Network

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By Ishara Fernando

Discover how Samsung's SmartThings is making smart homes smarter with the Multi-Hub Network, a game-changer in the world of home automation.

Samsung just turned its soundbar into a SmartThings hub

During the SDC23 developer conference, Samsung revealed its plan to activate Thread and Zigbee radios on its latest TVs and soundbars, marking a significant step toward enhancing accessibility and security in the smart home arena.

Picture a world where your TV, refrigerator, and even your soundbar serve as smart home hubs, seamlessly connecting your devices and appliances. Samsung is pioneering this vision with the "Hub Everywhere" strategy, unveiled at SDC23. Their innovative approach is set to transform our homes into hubs of intelligence, starting with SmartThings.

Hub Integration with Everyday Devices

SmartThings is already shaking up the smart home landscape by integrating hub features into a range of everyday devices, from smart TVs and computer monitors to sleek soundbars. Their latest addition, the SmartThings Station, is a charging pad that's not just for your phone. It's a control center that blends seamlessly with your home d├ęcor.

Also, you can check out Smart Home Standard 1.2 to learn more about new device types and 9 enhancements.

Diverse Hub Features with Matter

At the heart of this revolution lies the Matter standard, which relies on hubs for local connectivity. SmartThings hubs offer diverse wireless standards, supporting Zigbee for smart lamps, sensors, sockets, and Wi-Fi. The classic hubs and the SmartThings Station are the current Thread Border Routers for your Matter devices.

  • The Multi-Hub Network Revolution

Samsung's ambition doesn't stop at individual hubs. They're paving the way for the Multi-Hub Network, where multiple hubs join forces to create a unified smart home ecosystem. Whether it's the SmartThings Station or integrated SmartThings hubs in your Samsung devices, they can all work together seamlessly, giving you more control and flexibility.

  • Seamless Thread Network Integration

If your hubs use the Thread radio protocol, they'll effortlessly join a shared Thread network, offering improved cross-system compatibility. Samsung is actively working on addressing the challenges of cross-system Thread networks, and the future looks promising for a more interconnected smart home experience.

  • Effortless Hub Replacement

Samsung is also simplifying the process of hub replacement with the "Hub Replace" feature. It ensures that transferring devices, Matter Fabric, device drivers, automation, and settings to a new hub is a hassle-free experience. Even your Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Thread networks will make a smooth transition as long as the receiving hub supports the technology.

In addition, you can find new Matter-supported devices such as Tapo Smart Plug Mini and Meduio Matter Bridge.


With the Multi-Hub Network, Samsung's SmartThings is leading the charge in the evolution of smart homes. Say goodbye to the complexities of hub replacement and welcome a more interconnected, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated smart home. Samsung is shaping a future where your home truly becomes your hub of convenience and control.


Open the SmartThings app >> Tap on the Device Tab >> Tap on the Home Icon >> Select the location you want the device to be in >> Tap on "Add Device"

Go to the SmartThings app > Tap on "Sign In"> Create Account> Read and agree to the T&C> Enter your email and set a password> Enter your name, ZIP code and date of birth > Tap on Next> Done.

SmartThings supports many protocols. The hub does now have a Wi-Fi radio and it connects via ethernet.

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