Mediola Achieves World's First Matter Certification for Multi-Protocol Bridge

7 months ago   •   3 min read

By Ishara Fernando

The Matter Bridge certified by mediola has officially received recognition as a crucial advancement in the world of smart homes. It represents the world's first certified bridge designed to seamlessly connect manufacturer-specific radio protocols to the burgeoning Smart Home Standard Matter.

Introducing the mediola Matter Bridge

Mediola Connected Living AG has introduced the mediola Matter Bridge. It is a flexible and innovative platform designed specifically for product manufacturers in the home and building technology industry. This cutting-edge bridge enables seamless integration of existing wireless and wired products based on proprietary protocols or pre-Matter standards into the rapidly growing Matter ecosystem.

Proven Technology with a Vast Reach

The mediola Matter Bridge builds upon the robust mediola smart home gateway technology that has already established itself across Europe, supporting over 130 brands with a diverse range of over 3,000 device types, currently used in more than 250,000 households.

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Highly Adaptable Architecture

One of the standout features of the mediola Matter Bridge is its unique architecture that allows rapid adaptation to the specific requirements of OEM partners. The Matter protocol is efficiently managed by the bridge's main processor, which also handles Wi-Fi and LAN functions. This processor is based on the same gateway technology used in various mediola Smart Home gateways.

Streamlined Customization

The bridge's architecture, protocols, RF + controller settings, message types and formats, data types, and more, are all defined in JSON and pre-compiled into a binary format. This allows for easy execution in the gateway processor engine with a generic parser, formatter, and state-engine handler. The result is a highly flexible architecture that distinguishes changes in the Matter protocol from changes in device types and protocols.

Optimal Technology Re-Use

OEM customers benefit from this well-proven architecture, clear project structures, and cost-effective technology re-use. This results in high-quality bridges at attractive costs. Importantly, cost reduction over the lifetime of product family members is highly effective. Changes in the Matter protocol, Matter SDK, or Matter support level are implemented once and can be used across the entire product platform.

Hardware Flexibility

The base product of the mediola Matter Bridge supports two radios at 868 and 433 MHz, along with a CAN interface that allows the addition of adapters for various wired interfaces in the building technology sector. The hardware is designed to be delivered in flexible hardware variants, making it easy to meet cost targets and specific project requirements.

The mediola Matter Control App (MMC App)

For local control of the bridges, the mediola Matter Control app (MMC App) comes into play. It allows for the inclusion and exclusion of bridged devices to the Matter bridge, local configuration, and control of these devices. Additionally, the MMC App enables mediola to support features of OEM products that may not yet be available in Matter.

In summary, the mediola Matter Bridge, in conjunction with the MMC App, empowers product manufacturers in the home and building technology sector to harness the opportunities presented by Matter while maintaining the flexibility to create new features independently. This forward-looking solution promises to play a crucial role in shaping the future of smart home technology.

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Easier Entry for TGA Manufacturers

The certified Matter Bridge from mediola makes it easier and more cost-effective for TGA manufacturers to enter the Matter ecosystem with their own OEM versions. This positions manufacturers to capitalize on market acceleration opportunities while avoiding unforeseeable technical and commercial risks in new developments.

Seamless Integration of Existing Devices

Manufacturers can now seamlessly connect long-lasting, permanently installed devices such as roller shutters and heating systems to the large smart home ecosystems via Matter. This enables these devices to be networked with other product groups and new devices, creating a win-win situation for end customers and manufacturers. Additionally, this approach is resource-saving and sustainable, contributing to environmental benefits.

Future Prospects

The first TGA manufacturers are expected to introduce their own OEM variants of the mediola Matter Bridge to the market soon, further accelerating the adoption of Matter in the smart home industry.


mediola's Matter Bridge is a game-changer in smart home technology, connecting diverse devices and offering a path to a more unified and efficient future. With its official certification and user-friendly approach, it's set to simplify the smart home experience for both manufacturers and users, while promoting sustainability in the process.

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