How to Add a Matter Smart Home Device to Amazon Alexa

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By Nethmini Bandara

Now you can control your Matter Smart Devices over the Amazon Alexa smart home ecosystem. Ever wondering how to add your Matter-supported device to Amazon Alexa? It is not a complex procedure to follow. In this article, you will learn how to add any Matter smart home device to Amazon Alexa. So, Let's move on!!

Alexa and Matter Compatibility

Alexa and Matter's compatibility indicates a smooth incorporation of smart home systems. Along with Matter devices, customers can simply manage their smart devices via Alexa voice instructions. This combination secures a simple and effective experience, leading comfort and flexibility to automate home environments. 

Now, Let’s see the way to connect any Matter device with Amazon Alexa. 

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Guide to Integrate a Matter Device with Amazon Alexa

Recently, I have connected some of my Matter devices with Amazon Alexa. Based on my experience it has a simple process to follow. You need to ensure that you have your Matter device, Amazon Alexa, as well as a stable internet connection. Then you can follow the instructions below.  

  1. Updating Firmware and Software 

Before starting the integration, you must ensure that your Matter devices and Amazon Alexa have the newest firmware and software updates.  

  1.  Enabling Matter on Devices 

You need to enable the Matter support on your Matter devices by following the producer guidelines. 

  1. Discovering Devices on Amazon Alexa 

To initiate this step, you must follow the instructions below. 

  • Open the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone. 
  • Go to the "Devices" tab. 
  • Choose "Add Device" to start the device search.
  1. Identifying and Connecting Matter Devices 

Alexa will search and find new devices available. You must keep your Matter devices in pairing mode. Once Alexa finds your device, it will appear on the Alexa app. Then you need to select the devices that you want to merge with Alexa and follow the guidelines given on the screen to fulfill the pairing procedure. 

  1. Testing Voice Instructions 

In the final step, you can test whether your Matter devices are adhering to your voice instructions or not. 

In this way, you can add Sonoff Matter devices and IKEA Matter devices to your smart home system.

Tack Ticks for Troubleshooting

If you face any problems within the integration process, you can consider the following troubleshooting tack ticks. 

  • Check twice that your Matter devices are accurately bridged with your Wi-Fi network. 
  • Make sure that your Amazon Alexa and Matter-Supported devices are inside the bounds of your Wi-Fi signal. 
  • Restart your Matter devices and Amazon Alexa to restore their connections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Matter, and how does it comfort my smart home? 

Matter was previously identified as Project Connected Home over IP. It is a freely available model that focuses on improving smart home device interconnectivity. It makes sure that devices from various produces can easily transmit with each other. 

  1. Which smart home devices reinforce Matter in current days? 
  • Philips Hue Lights 
  • Google Nest Thermostats 
  • Yale’s Assure Smart Locks  
  • Eve Energy Sensors  
  1. Why should I combine my Matter-supported devices with Amazon Alexa? 

Amazon Alexa acts as a strong voice assistant for your smart home. Combining Matter devices with Alexa allows you to manage and supervise your whole smart home environment.  

  1. Are there any preconditions for merging Matter devices to Amazon Alexa? 

Make sure that your devices are Matter-supported and updated with the newest firmware or software. Also, Alexa and the smart home devices should be linked to the same network.  

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