Yale's Assure SL Keyless Smart Lock - Supports Matter

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By Nethmini Bandara

Yale's Assure Keyless Smart Lock is one of the safest smart locks that you can get. Its latest and smooth appearance will surely attract you. In the present, Yale's lock is upgraded to be compatible with the Matter protocol. Ever wondered about Yale's Assure SL Keyless Smart Lock? In this article, we will provide you the all the things that you need to know about Yale's smart lock. So, let's move on!!

Yale's Assure SL Keyless Smart Lock

The Yale Assure SL keyless smart lock replaces conventional door locks along with its streamlined layout and enhanced qualities. It is Constructed to match whichever home appealing and its lean sketch and touchscreen interface assemble it as an equally visual application and accessible. 

Matter Compatibility

Matter was previously identified as Project CHIP (Connected Home over IP). It is a combination supported by main technological firms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon. It directs streamlining smart home systems and enhances companionability throughout the policies. 

Do You Know??? 

Yale's Assure SL now extends improved interconnectivity with Matter!!!!! 

Key Features of Yale's Assure SL Keyless Smart Lock

  • Unified Combination:The Assure SL with Matter links with other Matter-allowed appliances, granting an integrated smart home capability
  • Increased Compatibility:The Assure SL works smoothly with countless smart home ecosystems
  • Touchscreen Edge:The innate touchscreen edge permits for simple setup, reducing the requirement for conventional keys

Complex Protection Features

  • Safe Tamper-Proof
  • The Assure SL smart lock is obtained with protection in mind. Its tamper-proof design guarantees that illegal entry efforts are identified and prevented, it grants an extra level of security for your home environment. 

  • Auto-Lock Function
  • The Assure SL can lock itself afterward at a specific time through the auto-lock attribute. It gives you mind relaxation realizing that your household is constantly protected.

  • Safe Encoding
  • Yale highlights the safety of your data. The Assure SL develops developed encoding procedures to protect interaction between the lock and your iOS device. 

There are more Matter-Supported devices, that can improve the interconnectivity of your smart home and simplify your day-to-day lives.

User Accessibility Increasing Features

  • Distant Entry and Control:Using the associated app, you can supervise and control your Assure SL smart lock remotely
  • User Code Administration:Assure SL permits you to construct sole access codes individually
  • Long-term Battery Lifetime:The Assure SL is proposed to run effectively on the battery. It offers consistent functioning with no need for repeated battery substitutions
  • Notifying when the battery is running low:The Assure SL directs active warnings to your mobile when the battery is continuing low. It lets you restore it quickly and prevent any disturbances to your home safety

Detailed Warrant and Customer Help

  • Company Warrant 
  • Yale stands bottom of the superiority and consistency of its inventions. Assure SL arises with a thorough company warrant. It gives exposure to any faults or crashes that could develop throughout usual use.  

  • Faithful Customer Backing 
  • Yale's intense customer aid crew is open to help you. Whether you require troubleshooting supervision or product assistance, you can depend on Yale's expert assistance employees to require quick and beneficial support. 

There are more Matter devices such as Matter hubs and Matter smart plugs.

What Can You Do with a Matter-Compatible Yale's smart Lock

  • Combining the smart lock with other Matter devices
  • Controlling the door while you are in a distance
  • Schedule automation and creating customized scenes
  • Using entry options without a key, such as a PIN code or your smart device
  • Get notifications to your phone, when any change is made in the lock
  • Simply install and set up process


Yale's Assure SL keyless smart lock including Matter incorporation is a keystone of your linked home system. Through its progressive safety features, accessible strategy, and smooth incorporation with Matter it offers you a great service. Whether you're progressing your home protection or accepting the forthcoming of smart home mechanization, the Assure SL supplies an expert capability that tops your prospects. 


Matter was previously notorious as Project CHIP. It is a combined connectivity standard supported by main technological corporations. It intends to streamline the smart home tool system and increase compatibility throughout programs. By combining with Matter, the Assure SL smart lock extends superior connectivity with other Matter-allowed devices.

Yale highlights protection, and the Assure SL smart lock is planned with several levels of safety. Furthermore, the Assure SL aids sole access codes for people. 

The Assure SL smart lock is created for simple connection and setup.  

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